Melrose Manor

Property Summary

This Columbus asset was acquired with low rents, high turnover and evictions, and operating expenses in excess of 65% of collected rent.  Physical repositioning began immediately upon acquisition to improve the property structure and safety.  Within one year of acquisition, the rent roll has increased by over 25% and total operating expenses have been reduced to 50% of collected rent.

Value Creation Strategy


Mismanaged assets in sub-markets with strong fundamentals


Optimal capital structure balancing risk, return, and asset strategy


Experience-based value add upgrades and stabilization


Exit timing responsive to macro and local market dynamics

Property Improvements

  • Renovated building common areas with modern paint, lighting and finishes
  • Enhanced property security with improved lighting and locks
  • Completed full rehab and lease-up of one down unit
  • Re-paved and striped tenant parking lot
  • Re-branded property with improved landscaping and signage

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